Metaphysical Minute - Philosophy on the Run

Dannye Williamsen
53 essays with journal pages provided with each essay for personal thoughts. Autograph available if requested. Wire-o-bound.
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Are You Ready To Search Outside The Box For Meaning In Your Life? 

Have you already made a commitment to shift your view of the world just enough to recognize that you are a spiritual being who is having a human experience? Great! Then Metaphysical Minute is for you!

I love your book. It feels like my heart's talking!  — Amber Zain, Alpharetta, GA

Metaphysical Minute is a deep, spiritual, and insightful collection of essays that will make you think and define how to live your life to the fullest. I absolutely love it! — Katia Lord, Design Mind Studio

I would highly recommend reading Metaphysical Minute. It remains one of my favorites. Read it and you’ll understand why. — Murray Fuhrer, author of Extreme Esteem

A heartfelt thank you...It is well written, excellent in contents, enjoyable to read, and mental and spiritual nourishment. — Gustavo (Rio) Meier-Curat, Tannay, Switzerland

..once in a great while a book presents itself that brings a new dimension to all the things I've already learned and love. Dannye's book, "Metaphysical Minute" is that once in a while find for this place in time. It confirms the belief I have always held...that I am a spiritual being having a human experience. Thank you Dannye for a wonderful read, a book to go back to and to pass on to others with the knowing it's a very good gift.
[Metaphysical Minute is] different, more profound, just takes you to another level of grasping or connecting with your core.
I will reread this book many times. It's actually written in a manner to become a daily guide for staying connected with self and all the core things that matter most. -  Bea Kunz, Sage Hill Farms & Vintage Store

My "Chicken Soup" for Spiritual and Personal Growth: METAPHYSICAL MINUTE - PHILOSOPHY ON THE RUN by Dannye Williamsen is a wonderful tool if you are looking for personal and spiritual growth. This book contains a collection of essays that are not, by any means, a fast, easy read, but an intensely deep, thought provoking look at the way we, as people, look at situations surrounding us and the way we deal with them. I highly recommend reading one essay at a time and then taking time to ponder on the message within it. 

On a very personal note, I found that I've actually started to reevaluate the way I look at different situations. An example of this happened just yesterday. I had an altercation with someone that I love dearly. This is something that has happened time and time again throughout our relationship over the exact same thing. 

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you walk into someone's personal space and can instantly feel the intense negativity surrounding them? Well, if you had been a mile away from me, you'd have felt it pouring out of me. Once I got through the initial "mad" I was feeling, I opened METAPHYSICAL MINUTE and went directly to the essay that dealt with what I happened to be going through. I read through it several times, stilled myself, and started to examine how I was reacting to the situation. 

I'm not proud of the fact that initially, all I could think of was getting her back for what she had done as a way to try to make her understand what she had put me through. After reading this particular essay, I feel I have the tools to deal with this situation now and in the future with a more positive outlook. I know in my heart, this same situation will arise again because I can't change someone else, but I also now know that I can change how I react to it. After I really started to understand that, my whole outlook changed. I had worked myself up into a frenzy, made myself ill over it, and initially said some very damaging things to this person that I love dearly. Now, I feel I have the tools to move forward from this argument, pull the positive from it, and move on. Hopefully, when this happens again in the future, I will be able to put what I've learned through these essays to use immediately and have a completely different outcome. Maybe, just maybe, by reacting differently to this, the other person involved will see the difference and make some changes as well.

I highly recommend METAPHYSICAL MINUTE - PHILOSOPHY ON THE RUN by Dannye Williamsen."  - Sandy Wolters, Sandy's Spotlight

Table of Contents

1   Metaphysics 
2   Consciousness 
3   Co-Creation
4   Conscious Shock 
5   Sin 
6   New Age 
7   Energy 
8   Intent 
9   Synchronicity 
10   Lessons 
11  The Paths of Least Resistance 
12  Mental Equivalent 
13  Divine Order 
14  Satan 
15  Love 
16  Forgiveness 
17  Manifestation 
18  Enlightenment 
19  Your Matrix 
20  An Attitude of Gratitude 
21  Walking the Walk 
22  Waking Up 
23  An Eye for an Eye? 
24  Is Life an Illusion? 
25  Right of Consciousness 
26  The Dance of Chaos 
27  Visualization 
28 The Crucifixion and the Resurrection 
29  Intuition 
30  Unconditional Love 
31  Negative Emotions 
32  Prosperity 
33  Give It Some Thought 
34  Truth is a Two-edged Sword 
35  Metaphysics and the Sacred Writings 
36  Perspective 
37  The Path of Self-Discovery 
38  Kenosis 
39  The Soul 1
40  Denial 
41  Diversity 
42  The Birth of Christ 
43  The Greatest Gift 
44  The Perfect Blend
45  No One Said It Would Be Easy! 
46  Second Force 
47  Patience 
48  Hope 
49  Going Through the Motions 
50  The Spiral of Life 
51  Beholding the Christ 
52  Power and Purpose 
53  Taking Up Your Cross